Painting a Page of Paige

This painting activity was in memory care of an activities director’s caricature, which gave joy to the residents and visitors.

Paige (activities) has happy and energetic ideas for memory care residents. She is so perky and constantly helps in many areas – even serving water at dinner if needed. She is someone who truly loves her job, and she is loved in return.  Her caricature was done a few days ago at the Altzheimer’s “rib fest” fundraiser at Amira Choice Plymouth. Today, when I visited my LO, the residents painted printed copies of her caricature. Of course, they were! I was slightly surprised as I had not seen this idea before. She is constantly surprising us!


Observers and painters alike enjoyed the activity. It was an engaging conversation.

Many painted Paige’s earrings first as she wore colorful, large, noticeable ones. Several saw her hair in different colors.

painting activity in memory care of an activities director's caricature brought joy to the residents and visitors alike

The party hat was missing today as it wasn’t a holiday. Paige often wears “entertaining” hats from party stores to liven things up during activities. Another time, I will post pictures of her many fun hats.

Each painter had a different take on color selection for their paintings. There were many colors to select from as Paige wears bold colors.

Have you tried such an activity at memory care or assisted living? How did it go?

Thank you for reading, Carolyn