Kudos Awards for Memory Care Workers Free PDF Download

Amira Choice Plymouth has a “kudos” system where notes are written on paper and added to a wall display so people can read how they were appreciated while working. It is an excellent system for recognizing resident assistants, nurses, and staff for their extra effort. We cannot tip in Minnesota, so this is one way to communicate our satisfaction with workers. Well, other than by bringing well-deserved treats!

First, print, write in, cut apart, and give to caregivers and nurses. Next is the link to your free instant download PDF.


print-awards-for-memory-care-workers-free-instant-PDF-download (2)

Or, edit the PDF, print, and cut. Next is the link to your free instant-download editable PDF.   Type in the blue squares. If nothing is typed in the blue rectangles, the page will print the paper’s color.



People like to be recognized for their hard work. Resident assistants, nurses, the culinary team, maintenance, and more can all be included.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn