Helpful devices and aids for the home to assist with daily living for those with dementia do offer support. Does your house look like ours? Sometimes it is like nothing helps, no signs, no calendars, no verbal information. However, pointing to such items in the home helps when explaining. People with dementia reflect, like everyone else, the mood in the home or with the caretaker. Emotions remain when facts may not. It seems less “confronting” to point to a sign than try to explain several times verbally.

When trying to make a point, we know it might not be received very well and that we should drop it and try later. That is another approach. Distracting,  distancing, and changing topics are also good for avoiding confrontation. We can’t always offer a snack as a distraction.

What do you have in your home or living situation to aid those with dementia? What are some ideas to consider?

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This is a  small Really Good Stuff calendar for the elementary classroom. We found it fits on our fridge and find it useful.

Day-and-time-clock-to-help-remember-scheduleThis is a day clock, I learned. It clearly tells the day and time. Very nice! Does it stop my LO from asking twenty times, “What day is today?” No, but I can point at this day clock and sometimes he remembers to consult it.



Large calendars help. I bought this one probably on Amazon and find it helpful. I can’t “delete” appointments though or events that get canceled. I do like it.


Thank you for reading, Carolyn