We have met many wonderful people through our dementia journey. This is an interview with one such person who has helped us in a facility and our home, Sadia.

Sadie is a CNA. She is working on finishing nursing school. We have been introduced to a new list of acronyms as we learn. CNAs are Certified Nursing Assistants. Sadia works with all different illnesses including dementia.

Q and A with Sadia

Q: What kinds of situations have you worked with as a CNA?

A: Most of the patients I have been assigned to have dementia and Alzheimer’s.

*Editor’s note: I have observed that Sadia is good with people who have dementia, so that is probably why she is being sent to help such people.

Sadia goes to their homes and helps with their confusion, redirection, and making sure they are safe. I see what care I can give as I observe their situation. I can see that she carefully observes people to gather ideas to solve problems that seem to come up in bunches. She cleverly redirects people to help with their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). ADLs include taking showers, getting dressed, brushing teeth, feeding, and so on.

She is always in a helping role in her work and private life. When not working as a CNA, Sadia is in a social group that also helps people. Her group volunteers, gives back to the community for back-to-school projects, as well as enjoys each other as they work together. They send food to an orphanage in Liberia. They promote breast cancer awareness right here in Minnesota.

She is a role model to her son and community members, demonstrating acts of caring.

Q: What would you advise someone who would like to become a nursing student?

A: Be sure to get your prerequisites so you can do further study.  Caring for others should be something you want to do that feels natural.

Sadia has always wanted to help people. She took care of her great-grandmother before leaving Liberia. She liked providing water and other cares. Since coming to the USA, she continued to help people. That is all she has ever done in the USA. Since her son left for college, she decided to go back and pursue her nursing degree. Next year is her big year when she will graduate! What a wonderful feeling that will be.

I met Sadia because she is a CNA for Bright Star. Bright Star selected her to provide care for my husband and myself for different illnesses. Bright Star has a knack for hiring the best people. Everyone I have met through that organization has been GREAT.

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Sadia a CNA from Bright Star