Barbara Lee Friedman is a musician, singer, and guitarist. She adds pizzazz to events for older adults with songs, humor, and storytelling. You can find her at or email her at Barbara Lee (at)

Barbara recently performed at Amira Choice (Ebenezer facility) to the immense enjoyment of the residents in memory care. She makes each person feel special by finding out their musical talents in short order!  She realized who was singing in harmony with her, and they sang a little duet. She figured out who might have a great voice and had that person perform a song in front of the group. Everyone was pleased and feeling special by the end of the event.

Barbara Lee of Music Memories was featured on FOX 9 TV providing a therapeutic music program with the Memory Care residents at The Farmstead in Andover, MN, May 9, 2018. I wasn’t there. The YouTube video is below.


Amira Choice Plymouth has live music for memory care patients three times each week. Although there are several other music opportunities, these sessions improve everyone’s spirits. Visitors, assistants, nurses, and even the patients enjoy these sessions. A little joke there, which reminds me, Barbara tells quite a few jokes during her music presentations. Her sessions are wonderful because she relates to each audience member. You can’t escape participating by not being in the front row, as she gets everyone involved musically.

She recently gave a concert for her friend who turned 80 by playing songs from 1943 until now. It was a historical tour through music, especially for that group.

Next is a video of my LO, who was fairly asleep and singing along. He sits at the concerts, and I am surprised by the songs he knows. I wonder when he learned some of them, as I am unsure. He used to sing in a boy’s choir, and maybe some of his songs are from that time in his life.


I appreciated meeting Barbara Lee and learning about her many musical offerings and events. See more at her website.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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