About Carolyn Wilhelm


Carolyn Wilhelm has a BS in Elementary Education, an MS in Special Studies of Gifted Children, and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction K-12. She was a National Board Certification Middle Childhood Generalist. She is a licensed, certified teacher in Minnesota. Carolyn is a wife, mom, and grandmother. She became a trained Climate Reality Leadership Corp member in August 2019.

Carolyn and her daughter wrote A Mom: What is an Adoptive Mother?

Her other self-published children’s picture books include the following:

Alex Asks About Auntie’s Airplane Day: An Adoption Day Story

Chloe and the No Good, Very Sad, Deplorable Pandemic: 3-in-one book: picture book, coloring book, writing my pandemic memories

Chloe and the No Good, Very Sad, Deplorable Pandemic: A Coloring Book

Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project SAVE: Students Help Save the Earth

The Frogs Buy A New House: An Economics Story for Children

Super Spoons to the Rescue; A Math Measuring Story

A story she wrote about Christmas in the Netherlands is in the anthology Mom for the Holidays: Stories of Love, Laughter & Tantrums at Christmas & Hanukkah edited by Nolan and Demas.

She was the author of the Wise Owl Factory, which has (mostly) free educational materials for parents, teachers, homeschools, libraries, and scout groups to use. She lives with her witty and helpful husband of 52 years and visits her children and grandchildren as often as possible.

She lives in Minnesota, and when not enjoying time with my grandchildren and creating lessons, she is involved in local writing and blogging groups — and loves taking time out in nature to observe her favorite bird, owls.

Carolyn also writes the Jams and Books blog.