A simple watch has helped my LO be more cooperative. Not a smart watch or even one with the date. A plain, old fashioned watch. I was quite surprised! My LO hasn’t known what day it was, or even the month, for a long time. This in spite of his day clock which clearly displays the day, time, and month. Sadly, that clock is not very useful anymore. Gone are the days of health workers asking him to tell the day and year when he would smile and read the day clock. I have had trouble getting him to music events lately, which he usually likes. I point to it and mention the time, but I wasn’t getting through.

He recently asked where his wrist watch was. He hasn’t worn one for years with smart phones and so on available, yet he pointed to his wrist. Watch batteries depleted, watches were forgotten. So I showed him watches on Amazon (*note not an affiliate). He selected a larger watch face with a simple face. Numbers were clear and easy to read. It was familiar to him. He learned to tell time with an analog clock, of course.

When it arrived, I put it on him, and I thought it was probably a waste of money. In fact, someone else came in the room and set it to the correct time. Oh, yeah, how about that?

Then today it was time for a music event. I assumed he would not attend. I did mention it would be at 1:30 but did not expect cooperation. Then, a few minutes before the start, he started walking toward the door. He asked me if I was coming. I think it helped him to know the time! A missing piece of information for him in recent months! It must have been really confusing to not know the time. Well, I realize that now that he has been more willing to participate.

Have you noticed how a watch or some other item from long ago helped you LO to be hopefully more cooperative?

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A Simple Watch Enhances Cooperation