This site is dedicated to caregivers helping those with dementia. Our free PDF signs are for printing and posting where they are able to best help with the activities of daily living. This is not a medical site and we do not offer such information.

Why this blog?

This blog is not in competition with any other sites. In fact, it takes many sites to help a dementia patient. I made these resources for a situation and thought others might benefit as well.

Good luck to those on this journey. As one of my friends said, this is the toughest job you’ll ever do. For those who only want to print, we have PDFs ready to use.

For those who want to edit and then print, try these PDFs.

Editable Word PDFs – or just print

Happy Birthday Word Search (add name and age, or print as is)

Large Monthly Calendars to edit and print or just print – instructions on the page

Some of our PDFs are editable, but all will print without editing. For instance, a Thursday sign will print the word Thursday. Edited, the additional words will also print. Today is Thursday and it is garbage day or whatever you type in the PDF. Some of the PDFs are multiple-page print and require taping together, such as our calendars.

Picture Only Signs

Some PDFs are pictures only for reminders such as wash your hands and brush your teeth. Some PDFs have both words and pictures.

Online Resources

It is easy to Google keywords such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, frontal lobe dementia, and more. There are many wonderful and helpful resources and books. Some agencies are local, many are state-wide, and others are national. Support groups are found by searching online or calling the associations. Some clinics offer support groups. Different agencies hold group sessions in churches.

Meetings might be in person or by Zoom. Keep looking until you find what helps in your situation.